Frequently Asked Questions

Why book The Limestone Trio?

Nothing adds class to an event like live music.  The Limestone Trio will add a special touch of beauty to your wedding ceremony and a great energy to your reception or party.  When you hire us, you are hiring professional musicians who have played well over one hundred weddings and parties between the three of us.  We provide a great selection of music from classical to fiddle tunes, show tunes and rags.

How far in advance should we book the trio?

It is always a good idea to book as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment, but the trio has managed to take gigs as close as one week from an event.

What kind of space and equipment does the trio need?

We generally need about 10ftX10ft in order to fit our music stands, instruments and ourselves.  It’s also nice to have a place to put our cases, but that doesn’t have to be in our immediate area.  We also require three armless chairs.

Will the trio play outdoors?

Absolutely!  We love a beautiful, summer outdoor wedding or garden party.  We do require some shade on very hot, sunny days and can only play if the temperature is suitable.  Fifteen degrees is typically our minimum but if it’s sunny and bright and 14.5, the show will go on!  As long as our fingers can move and our wooden instruments are safe, we’re good to go!  As we’re sure you and your guests will agree, we’re not partial to being out in the rain.

Are you able to perform outside of Kingston?

We are able to perform all around southeastern Ontario and have been known to travel as far as Trenton, Picton, Smith’s Falls and even Cornwall.  Of course, an additional fee for travel will be added to the final cost.

What will the trio wear?

The trio performs in formal black dress and are always well-groomed.  We are, however, always happy to accommodate special requests such as matching bride’s maids colours etc.

Will the trio play special requests?

We have been known to create arrangements of specific song requests with advance notice and at an additional fee.  The cost for custom arrangements is determined by how complicated a piece is and how much time is required to write and rehearse it.  As for on- site requests, we’re certainly open to them but can’t make any promises as we play from predetermined sheet music.  We do tend to have most of the standards on hand though!

Will the trio need breaks and if so, what will happen during that time?

We require a 20 minute break for every 90 minutes we play.  If you would like music to continue during that time, we suggest talking with your DJ or other music provider or perhaps bringing in an MP3 player.  If the trio is changing locations, for example, from a ceremony to a reception, that time is not considered part of the break.